The video game, a new medium and cultural phenomenon, is one of the pillars of the digital world. We at Leaf are experts in this area and, with the best graphics engines such as Unity3D and Unreal Engine and with the deep knowledge of programming languages, we make videogames, from adver games to serious ones. In a first phase of work, our game designers structure the product taking care of every aspect, starting from the aims and the reference target to the genre, the graphic style, the sound and platform or cross platform. The programming team then takes care of the development of the features and the gameplay and the level design team structures the environment; the model team takes care of the 2D and 3D contents such as characters, props and UI and the sound design one develops sound effects and soundtracks. Once the testing phase has passed, the product is delivered and, if requested, uploaded and distributed on platforms such as mobile stores, Steam, Play Station, Nintendo Switch, with periodic maintenance aimed at fixing bugs, updates and development and insertion of new aesthetic contents (skins…) or gameplay (features, game code, characters…).

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